The internet is a valuable aid to research into family history.

These Australian sites contain a variety of information relating to family history and genealogy including guides, indexes and digitised images of documents. They also provide links to other informative sites both in Australia and overseas and pathways to make contact with other family historians via indexed family trees, mailing lists and bulletin boards.

Further online resources for family history can be located via eResources, although some of these subscription resources are only available for use in the National Library reading rooms.

State and Territory libraries

State and territory libraries hold family history collections specialising in resources for their jurisdiction and a selection of material relating to other areas of Australia and overseas.

National, State and Territory archives

The National Archives of Australia holds the records of the Commonwealth government. State and Territory archives hold the records of government for their respective jurisdiction. Some archive websites allow users to freely search indexes to the material held in that archive eg. immigration, convict records, census, court records, hospitals, divorce, land, patents etc.

Family history societies

Membership of a family history society may greatly assist your research.

Local societies may hold specialist collections of material for that specific area as well as family history material from other regions and countries. Family history societies also provide education in family history research skills and information and assistance in tracing your family tree.

Check also telephone directories under 'Genealogy', 'Historical research' and/or 'Family history'.

Australian indigenous family history

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Family History Unit specifically assists Link-Up caseworkers in family tracing and reunion for Indigenous people who were removed. AIATSIS also assists anyone of Indigenous heritage with their family history research

Births, marriages and deaths

Indexes to Australian births, marriages and deaths may be found at local, state, national and genealogical society libraries on microfiche and CD. The National Library has extensive holdings of these indexes which are listed in our guide to Australian birth, marriage and death records. In addition, some Registrars' websites include free or fee-based index search facilities. Certificates may be ordered from the Registrar of the appropriate state or territory. Online ordering and delivery of certificates is available on some Registrars' web sites. Death information may also be obtained from inquests, wills, newspaper and other indexes.


Listings of burials and/or monumental inscriptions may be found on websites for cemeteries. Local councils, local and state libraries and family history societies may hold indexes to burials on microfiche or CD-ROM. Some cemeteries and other agencies may provide a 'look-up' service where online indexes are not available.


Indexes and lists of immigrants to each state are available in a variety of formats including microfiche, microfilm, book and electronic formats. Some are available on the internet. Local, state and family history libraries may hold material relevant to that state and other areas of Australia. The National Archives hold records of immigration after 1923 when immigration became a Commonwealth Government responsibility.


Indexes and records of convicts are available in a variety of formats including microfiche, microfilm, book and CD. Some indexes and guides are available on the internet and generally provide information for further research in convict recordsl in State Archives and libraries.

Military/Service records

These are useful sites for locating military records and other information about Australians who served in military conflicts and records of British soldiers in Australia in the early days of settlement.

Other Australasian resources

Worldwide resources

The resources provide access to links to overseas countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, European and other countries.

Research services

For those who need family history researchers to undertake their research, these sites provide a list of professional researchers and their fees. Many of the sites listed above also offer fee-based research services. Please check these sites for details.

Check also telephone directories under 'Genealogy', 'Historical research' and/or 'Family history'.