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Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

Curricula Vitae

Curricula vitae of principal researchers and advisers as comprised by the Academic Advisory Group, the Technical Advisory Group and the Project Steering Committee.


Prof Elizabeth Webby

Elizabeth Webby, Professor of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney, has for the past thirty years been carrying out research into the literary and theatrical culture of nineteenth-century Australia.

Her publications include Early Australian Poetry (1982), Colonial Voices (1989), Modern Australian Plays (1990) and, as joint editor, Happy Endings (1987), Goodbye to Romance (1989) and the Penguin Book of Australian Ballads (1993). She has also published numerous book chapters, articles and reviews and been a contributing editor of The Penguin New Literary History of Australia (1988) and A Feminist Companion to Literature in English (1990).

Since 1988 she has been editor of Southerly, Australia's oldest literary quarterly. She is a member of the editorial boards of three major current project: the Academy Editions of Australian Literature, The Book in Australia and The Oxford Companion to Australian Feminism and of several international journals.

Prof Brian Fletcher

Professor Brian Fletcher is the Bicentennial Professor of Australian History at the University of Sydney. He is a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and a Fellow of the Royal Australian Historical Society.

His six books and two edited works include Colonial Australia before 1850 (1976), Ralph Darling: a governor maligned (1984), besides contributing to a large number of publications. His latest work is entitled Australian History in New South Wales, 1888-1938. (1993)

Prof Ian Jack

Associate Professor Ian Jack, Department of History, University of Sydney. Head, Department of History, 1992-95

Qualifications: M.A. University of Glasgow (1957); Ph.D. University of London (1961); Fellow of Royal Historical Society (1969); Fellow, St Andrew's College (1979); Senior Fellow, St Andrew's College (1989). He is also Australian representative, International Committee for Conservation of Industrial Heritage (1986-94); Alternate member, Heritage Council of NSW (representing National Trust - 1990-93); Councillor, Royal Australian Historical Society (1990-91); Member, Heritage Advisory Committee, Hawkesbury City Council (from 1991) and Professional Member, ICOMOS (from 1993)

In addition to a large number of articles and contribution, his recent books include: 1989, The Andrew's Book: St Andrew's College within the University of Sydney, St Andrew's College, Sydney; 1990, Exploring the Hawkesbury, 2nd revised ed., Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst; 1990 (with D.N. Jeans), State Heritage Inventory Project: Historical Guidelines, 3 Vols., NSW Department of Planning, Sydney; 1991 (with C. Liston), The University of Western Sydney: the History of the Site of the New Kingswood/Werrington Campus, University of Western Sydney, Werrington; 1994 (with A. Cremin), Australia's Age of Iron: History of Archaeology, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Dr Carol Liston

Dr Carol Liston specialises in the history of nineteenth century New South Wales. Since 1990 she has held an appointment as Senior Lecturer in Historical Studies at the University of Western Sydney, Nepean. In September 1992 she became Head of the Department of Media and Cultural Studies. In 1995 she was appointed the Faculty's Director, Research and Postgraduate Studies.

Before joining the university she was a consultant historian for eight years. Her research has included studies of people, of places, of buildings and of organisations. Her published histories include: Sarah Wentworth. Mistress of Vaucluse (Historic Houses Trust of NSW, 1988) and Campbelltown, the Bicentennial History (Allen and Unwin, North Sydney, 1988). She contributed a chapter on colonial social life in Broadbent and Hughes, The Age of Macquarie (Melbourne University Press, Melbourne 1992).

She has also published articles on her longterm project, a biography of Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane(17731860).

Her current projects include research on inheritance and social mobility 18801940 in Western Sydney, a history of Parramatta in the nineteenth century and an edited collection of the letters of a colonial family.

Dr Liston was President of the Royal Australian Historical Society from 1988 1993 and is currently VicePresident. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Australian Historical Society in 1992. She has held several positions, including that of President, in the Professional Historians Association, NSW.

Dr Liston is a member of the Heritage Council of New South Wales and chairs its History Advisory Panel; she is a member of the Advisory Council of the Australian Archives.

Dr Liston holds a Ph.D in Australian History from the University of Sydney, a B.A.(Hons) (Sydney) and a Diploma in Family History Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists.

Dr Michael Ackland

Dr Michael Peter Ackland, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Monash University

In addition to an extensive of articles and contributions, his recent books include: Henry Kendall. Poetry, Prose & Selected Correspondence (St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1993); The Penguin Book of Nineteenth Century Australian Literature (Ringwood: Penguin Books, 1993); Tasma, A Sydney Sovereign (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1993); That Shining Band: A study of Australian Colonial Verse Tradition (St. Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1994); Henry Kendall: The Man and the Myths (forthcoming March, 1995 with Melbourne University Press); Henry Handel Richardson (forthcoming with Oxford University Press - contracted completion date 1st July 1996); The Labyrinth of James McAuley: A Critical Biography (commissioned by Melbourne University Press - completion date yet to be set).

Professor John Barnes

Professor John Barnes M.A. (Melb) M.A. (Cantab), Professor of English at La Trobe University

Foundation Editor of Meridian: The La Trobe University English Review (since 1982). He is also Convenor of National Working Party on Collaborative Indexing, a member of the Advisory Committee, Academy Editions Project, ADFA, and Member, VSC Literature Committee.

Recent publications include: 1995, Bushman and Bookworm: Letters of Joseph Furphy, Melbourne, Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming-September) Co-Editor with Lois Hoffmann; 1994, 'Australian Writing Today' Number of Critical Survey (Oxford), January 1994. Editor; 1994, 'Legend', Australian Civilization, ed. Richard Nile, Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1994, pp. 41-57; 1993, 'On Rereading and Misreading Such is Life' Westerly, 38, 3 (Spring 1993), pp. 39-49; 1992, '"A Language for his own Time": The Modernism of Peter Cowan', Peter Cowan New Critical Essays, ed. Bruce Bennett and Susan Miller, University of W.A. Press, 1992; 1992, 'The Life and Opinions of an Autodidact', Quadrant, 36, 1-2 (January-February 1992), pp.99-103; 1992, 'The Scholar's Such is Life - A Review Article', Bulletin of Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand, 16, 3 (September 1992), pp.117-1243; 1992, 'The Artist and the Mechanic: Joseph Furphy and John Longstaff', Populous Places: Australian Cities and Towns, ed. Anna Rutherford, Dangeroo Press, 1992, pp.143-65.

Dr Paul Turnbull

Senior Lecturer in History and Politics, James Cook University of North Queensland.

Qualifications and awards include B.A. (Hons) Class I with University Medal, James Cook University, 1979; PhD James Cook University, 1985; and the Harold White Fellow 1993/4, National Library of Australia.

Editorial activities include, Founding Editor, Clionet: Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History; Moderator and list owner: *HNZOZ* an internet discussion group for Australian and New Zealand History; International Advisory Editor, HNet: Internet Electronic History Network, University of Chicago at Illinois; and Editorial Member, HTeach: International Electronic Discussion Group for History Teaching at Universities.

His extensive list of publications and conference papers include, most recently: "A Forgotten Cosmology: William Hull and the Origins of the Aborigines", Australian Historical Studies, vol. xiv (1990), pp. 207219; "Anatomy, Morphology and Aborigines: the Work of Edward Pierson Ramsay and the Australian Museum, c. 1874 1900", Aboriginal History, vol. xv, pp. 108121; "'Ancestors, not Specimens': Aboriginal Remains in Scientific Collections",in B. Wright et.al. (eds.) Issues in Aboriginal and Islander Studies: 4*, pp. 131; "Banks, Blumenbach and Aboriginal Skeletal Remains", forthcoming in volume edited by J. Lamb, University of Hawaii Press (with Ian Clarke and Henry Reynolds) Sharing History: Key Issues, no. 8: Council of Aboriginal Reconciliation (Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1994); 'To What Strange Uses: the Procurement and Use of Aboriginal Peoples' Bodies in Early Colonial Australia", Voices, Spring 1994, pp. 127; "The Exchange between Edward Gibbon and Joseph Priestley", British Journal for EighteenthCentury Studies, vol. xiv, 2(1991), pp. 139158; "Edward Gibbon and Pastor Allamand", Journal of Religious History, vol. 16,, 3(1991), pp. 280291.

John Arnold

John Arnold, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Australian Studies, has a sound record in research and publications. His books over the last five years include the Monash Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Australians (co-editor, Reed Reference/NCAS, 1994), Out of Empire: The British Dominion of Australia (co-editor, Mandarin, 1993), Power, Knowledge and Aborigines, a special edition of the Journal of Australian Studies (co-editor, La Trobe University Press, 1992), Working Victoria: A Guide to Sources for VCE Australian Studies Students (co-author, Longman Cheshire, 1991). In 1996 his History of the Fanfrolico Press will be published by the Jester Press.

He has also written widely on bibliographic sources for Australian studies including a chapter on 'Collecting Australiana" published in G.E. Gorman, ed, Australian Studies: acquisition and collection development for libraries (London: Mansell, 1992). At the National Library of Australia's Towards 2001' conference in November 1991 he gave a paper (later published in the Australian Library Journal) on gaps in the recording and bibliographical control of the nation's publishing output and he delivered a paper on the Bibliography of Australian Literature Project at the 1993 conference of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand and contributed to a panel discussion on national priorities for bibliographical projects.

Since 1990 he has been editor of Guide to New Australian Books (GNAB), published five times a year jointly by D. W. Thorpe and NCAS. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Australian Studies, the Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand, the advisory board of Macquarie Library Pty Ltd, and on the editorial executive of the History of the Book in Australia Project.

Ms Elizabeth Lee

Project Librarian at the University of Adelaide Library currently responsible for the writing of the Library's Collection Development Policy. Elizabeth has wide and valuable experience in the bibliography and indexing of Australian nineteenth century serials. She currently is supervising a project indexing The Dawn (1889-1905) in a joint project between the University of Adelaide Barr-Smith Library and English Department.

Elizabeth is also Convenor of the Bibliographic Projects Committee of the South Australian Centre for Australian Studies, and is Secretary to the National Working Party on Collaborative Indexing.


Ross Coleman

Currently employed as Collection Management Librarian, University of Sydney Library since 1991. Previous employment includes Deakin University Library, Nepean CAE Library, British Library, Macquarie University Library.

Relevant papers/publication include The Internet as pathway and provider, implications for the future of acquisitions, paper presented at national seminar "Creating our future in Acquisitions: challenges in the 90s", Broadbeach, 1993. [electronic text available at: gopher.latrobe.edu.au (file: Library Services)]

Other activities of relevance include: list-owner and administrator of COLLIBS, the electronic list on Australasian research library collection issues; Council member of the Centre on the Human Aspects of Science and Technology (CHAST) - Faculty of Science, University of Sydney; preparation of Library AARNet Users Guide (1992); selection of electronic resources in collaboration with faculty; consultant on collection policy and budget (University of Tasmania Library Review, 1994). He is also closely involved with the development of an electronic text centre at Sydney, and in several projects related to electronic journals, including a recent joint funding submission to the AVCC Electronic Publishing Working Group.

Alan Ventress

Alan Ventress was appointed to the position of Manager Australian Research Collections and Mitchell Librarian in September 1993 after working as Manager, Resource Networking and Collection Development at the State Library Since 1987. He was responsible for the complete evaluation of the Mitchell Library and General Reference Library collections between 1987 and 1993 and was the editor in chief of the Library's collection development policy which was published in 1993.

At present he is working on projects to digitise the Australiana collections of the State Library of New South Wales to make them more accessible to readers in Australia around the world. He is the team leader of the Banks Paper on CD-ROM project which aims to digitise and index the complete Australian archive of Sir Joseph Banks' manuscript papers. Since 1989 he has been on the International Advisory Board of CD-ROMs in Print and is responsible for the notification of new CD-ROM titles published in Australia.

Recent talks include: Electronic Services at the State Library of New South Wales. Australian Society of Authors. September 1993; Sir Joseph Banks Papers on CD-ROM. ALIA Special Interest Group on the Preservation of Library Materials. May 1994; Digitisation projects at the State Library of New South Wales. Australian Computer Society. October 1994.

Colin Webb

Position: Manager, Technical Preservation, National Library of Australia since 1993; previously Head of Preservation Services, ACT Regional Office, Australian Archives.

Relevant experience: Responsible for managing preservation programs in Australian Archives and NLA since 1984, including preservation reformatting programs since 1985. Involved in planning NLA digitisation programs since 1994.

Recent publications/papers: a number of internal NLA reports; "Do you practise safe microfilming?", (with Maggie Jones and Lawrie Salter), Australian Academic and Research Libraries, vol 25, no 3, Sept 1994, pp 176181; "Some insights into Australian library and archives experience", in Preservation microfilming: does it have a future?, Proceedings of the first national conference of the National Preservation Office, May 46, 1994 (in press).

Committees include, Chair, ACT crossinstitutional discussion group on preservation microfilming, member, NLA digital services strategy group.

Robert Stafford

Robert Stafford has worked as a professional librarian or research fellow in academic libraries for in excess of twenty years. Appointment held have been at London University, National University of Ireland, Melbourne, La Trobe a Monash University where he is currently Collection Management Librarian. In this latter position he is responsible for coordinating selection of books journals and other media including electronic resources.

He has published Australian newspaper index feasibility study; report National Library of Australia , 1980, Anthropological literature: a survey on holdings in the major libraries of Victoria La Trobe University Library on behalf of the Library Council of Victoria, 1980 and with D.H. Borchardt Devindex Australia: index to Australian literature on social and economic development, 1975-79 La Trobe University Library, 1983.


Anne Kenney

Education and professional training: 1979 - MALS, University of MissouriColumbia, 1975 - MA, History, University of MissouriSt. Louis, with distinction, 1971 - BA, Duke University, cum laude.

Employment: (1988) Associate Director, Department of Preservation and Conservation, Cornell University. Assist in the planning and organization of preservation and conservation programs on a universitywide basis for an eighteenlibrary system with collections approaching six million. CoProject Director, Xerox/Cornell Joint Study on Digital Preservation, funded by the Commission on Preservation and Access, (19901992). Project Director, NEH funded Southeast Asia Microfilming Project, (19921994). Project Director, Great Collections Microfilming Project, 19881991 (RLG/NEH project). Project Director, Archives Preservation Microfilming Project, 19901992 (RLG/NEH). Rank: Librarian.

Recent technical publications: Report: Phase I (January 1990 December 1991) Digital Capture, Paper Facsimiles, and Network Access, Washington, DC: Commission on Preservation and Access 1992, coauthored with Lynne Personius; "The Future of Digital Preservation," Advances in Preservation and Access Vol. 1, coauthored with Lynne K. Personius. (1992); "Cornell/Xerox Joint Study in Digital Preservation" ASIS Proceedings 1991 coauthored with Lynne K. Personius. (Similar paper also included in Studies in Multi Media (Learned Information, 1992); "The Role of Digital Technology in the Preservation of Research Library Materials," Proceedings of the Preservation of Electronic Formats and Electronic Formats for Preservation Conference, Wisconsin Preservation Program (WISPPR). University of Wisconsin, Madison 1992; "The Role of Professional Archival Associations in Developing and Strengthening the Archival Profession," Janus (forthcoming); "Establishing the Feasibility of DigitaltoMicrofilm Conversion," Microform Review (forthcoming, Spring 1993); "Update on Digital Techniques," Commission on Preservation and Access Newsletter, (Nov.Dec. 1991). Reprinted in Microform Review, Winter 1992; "Common Problems, Common Solutions: The Preservation Challenge for Librarians and Archivists," Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ALA, 1989).

Alan Howell

Currently, Manager, Preservation Branch, State Library of New South Wales (1987-); Chair, National Preservation Office Advisory Body (1993-); Convenor, Australian Council for Library and Information Services (ACLIS) NSW State Preservation Sub-committee (1991-); Editor, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Special Interest Group newsletter Preservation of Library Materials (1992-); Honorary Conservator, Society of Australian Genealogist; Guest Lecturer, UNSW School of Librarianship and Archives Studies (1988-).

Previously: Senior Conservator, Geological Society of London (1979-1987); Conference Secretary, New Directions in Paper Conservation (second international conference of the Institute of Paper Conservation, Oxford University, 1986); member of the Executive Committee of the Institute of Paper Conservation (1981-1986); conservation consultant to the National Postal Museum, London; The Elgar Foundation and Sir Yehudi Menuhin.

Teaching experience at tertiary, further and adult education levels since 1972 and in the UK, Singapore and Australia; over 50 papers presented at conferences in the UK and Australia; publications for the Library Association UK, the Institute of Paper Conservation, the Society of Archivists UK, ALIA, the National Preservation Office UK, New Librarian, University of Canberra and the Society of Australian Genealogists.

Tertiary qualifications in the conservation of books, archives and works of art on paper (Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, 1979) and art and design (Hornsey College of Art, 1969).

Dr Jan Lyall

After obtaining a PhD in Medical Chemistry from the Australian National University in 1965 Jan Lyall obtained a post-doctoral fellowship to work at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where she did research in steroid chemistry. On returning to Australia she worked at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Newcastle, NSW and the University of Melbourne, Victoria in a variety of research areas including clinical biochemistry and cytogenetics.

In 1978 she was an inaugural student in the Masters program in the Conservation of Cultural Materials course at the University of Canberra. On completion in 1980 Jan was employed at the National Library of Australia as a paper conservator and in 1985 was appointed to the position of Director, Preservation Services. In 1989 she was designated as the Director of the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Regional Centre for South-East Asia and the Pacific. In 1992 she was appointed as the Director of the newly established National Preservation Office at the National Library of Australia.

Dr Paul Conway

Paul Conway has headed the Preservation Department at Yale University Library since 1992. Prior to coming to Yale, Conway conducted research projects for three years at the National Archives, including a study of researchers who use the agency in the Washington, DC area and a review of how government agencies make use of digital imaging and optical disk technology. During 1988 and 1989, he served as Preservation Program Officer for the Society of American Archivists in Chicago, were he carried out a nationwide survey of archival preservation programs. He was also an archivist from 1977 to 1987 on the staff of the Gerald R. Ford Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1985 he was selected as a Fellow of the Bentley Library Research Seminar in Modern Documentation, a program sponsored by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. He has a Masters Degree in History and a Ph.D. in Information and Library Studies, both from the University of Michigan. Conway's dissertation was "Archival Preservation in the United States and the Role of Information Sources." At Yale, he serves as operations manager for Project Open Book, a pilot project to convert 10,000 volumes from preservation microfilm to digital image.

Recent publications include: "From Analog to Digital: Extending the Preservation Tool Kit," in Digital Imaging Technology for Preservation: Proceedings from an RLG Symposium Held March 17 and 18, 1994 at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Mountain View, CA: Research Libraries Group, 1994. (coauthor); "Talking to the Angel: Beginning Your Public Relations Program," in Advocating Archives: An Introduction to Public Relations for Archivists, edited by Elsie Freeman Finch. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1994. (coauthor); "The Implications of Digital Imaging for Preservation." NEDCC Technical Leaflet Andover, MA: Northeast Document Conservation Center, July 1994; The Setup Phase of Project Open Book: A Report to the Commission on Preservation and Access. Washington, D.C.: Commission on Preservation and Access, June 1994. (coauthor); Partners in Research: Toward Enhanced Access to the Nation's Archive: A Report on the Users of the National Archives. Pittsburgh: Archival and Museum Informatics, 1994; "Digitizing Preservation: Microfilm and Paper Go Electronic," Library Journal (February 1, 1994); "Effective Continuing Education for Training the Archivist," Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 34 (Winter 1993); "Preserving History's Future: A Nationwide Strategy for Archival Preservation," in Advances in Preservation and Access, Volume 1, edited by Barbra Buckner Higginbotham and Mary E. Jackson. Westport, Conn.: Meckler, 1992; Digital Imaging and Optical Media Storage Systems: Guidelines for State and Local Government Agencies. Albany, NY: National Association of Government Archivists and Records Administrators, December 1991. (coauthor); "Digital Imaging and Optical Storage Over the Long Run," Inform (November/December 1991); Archival Preservation in the United States and the Role of Information Sources. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan, 1991.

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