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Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

Research Infrastructure (Equipment and Facilities) Program Summary of Application for 1996

Title of proposal: Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project, 1840-45

Names of institutions involved in the cooperative proposal:


Supported by:

Socio-Economic Objective Classification:

200200 Humanities
190500 Information, computer and communication technologies

Field of Research classification:

120101 Literary Studies: Australian
120201 History: Australian
59999 Information, computer and communication technologies

Budget Summary

Amount of Equipment and Facilities Grant sought: $A345,550

Indication of previous, current and future years support: This is a discrete project - funding only requested for 1996.

Institution: Contributions from participants in cash or kind (excluding academic salaries):

$A26,978 - University of Sydney Library
$A37,102 - State Library of NSW
$A37,102 - National Library of Australia
$A15,228 - Monash University Library


ARC funding: $A345,550

Other Commonwealth research schemes: -

Private sector: -

Other: -


Five line summary:

This project will create a unique research infrastructure in Australian studies through the digital conversion of Australian serials and fiction of the seminal period 1840-45. It will ensure access to and preservation of this material by a process of microfilming, scanning and networking. The first project of its kind in Australia, it will introduce international best practice, act as a technical benchmark, and provide a new level of resource sharing.

Contact person:

Ross Coleman (Convenor, Project Steering Committee)
University of Sydney Library
Telephone (02) 351 3352
E-mail: collm@extro.ucc.su.oz.au

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Last updated 12 December 1997