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Help - Using Frames

What are Frames?

A frame is a sub-window within a browser window. Using frames allows related documents (possibly from different sources) to be displayed in a specified layout within the browser window; and for each of these documents to be viewed in full without affecting the other "framed" document(s).

For example, in Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845, this means that the volume contents list for a title can be scrolled and navigated without changing the data that is displayed in the other two frames. That is, the list of years available and the link to the publication details can be displayed in the window no matter which part of the [issues] page is being displayed.

Example showing how frames are used for this service:

Example of frames

Why Have Frames Been Used for This Project?

As indicated above and shown in the example, the user can navigate the volume contents list and yet still access the list of dates available and the link to publication details about the periodical titles. The navigation buttons in the left frame also remain available for use.

In addition, use of frames in this project has allowed the integration of pages generated automatically from the digitised files with pages containing information derived from other sources such the publication details page for each title. This information has been derived from the bibliographic record in the National Bibliographic Database. By using standard naming conventions for each of the source documents, these pages can be generated independently.

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