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What Can Be Searched?

The search facility in Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 searches for journal titles that have been digitised for the service. The search is limited to words contained in the information pages for the titles.

Example of an information page:
Information page Link to page about the Ferguson bibliography Link to Volume contents list for Sydney record

While the most useful aspect of the search facility is the ability to search by title, it is also possible to search for any of the terms contained in the information pages, for example words contained in the Subject, Life dates, Published or ISSN fields. In the example above, a search using a word (or a number) such as 1843 or Barr or record or ceased will retrieve this record.

Search Results

After a successful search, the Results page displays a list of the journal titles that were retrieved.

Example of a results set page:
Search results page Link to The Omnibus and Sydney spectator Link to Sydney free press Link to the Sydney record

From this page, you can navigate to the information pages for each of the journals listed and from these pages it is possible to access the list of volumes and issues available for a particular title by following the link to Volumes / issues available in the Life dates field.

Example showing link to Volumes / issues available for the Sydney Record:
(see first example for full information details)
Link to Volume contents list Link to Volume contents list for the Sydney record

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