Albrecht Dümling

Harold White Fellowship Research Topic :
Refugee musicians from Germany and Austria in Australia
Dr Dümling's research covered musicians and composers who fled from Germany and Austria between 1933 and 1945 and who settled in Australia. They included well-known composers such as George Dreyfus, Felix Werder, Henry Krips and Werner Baer. He used the Library's music and manuscript collections in documenting both their experiences as refugees and their contribution to the musical life of Australia.


Dr. Albrecht Dümling was awarded a PhD in 1978, from the Technical University, Berlin. He is a musicologist whose research focuses the music banned by the Nazis and labelled 'degenerate music'. He created the exhibition 'Entartete Musik' which has toured Europe, the UK and the US. In 2003 he was an honorary research associate at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. He is currently a researcher with the Centre for Studies in Anti-Semitism at the Technical University, Berlin.
He is President of "musica reanimata", the society for the re-discovery of Nazi-persecuted musicians and their music. (German language biography)


Dr Dümling's homepage.

Entartete Musik. A page describing the exhibition created in 1988 by Albrecht Dümling, as a reconstruction of the Nazi exhibition, Düsseldorf 1938.

musica reanimata. musica reanimata was founded in 1990 with the purpose of integrating the works of composers persecuted by the Nazi regime into present-day musical culture.


A comprehensive list of Dr Dümling's publications appears on his website (note: most are in German)

Contact Details

Albrecht Dümling
Peschkestr. 5
12161 Berlin (Friedenau)

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