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Harold White Fellowship Research Topic :
The diaries of John Béchervaise.
Poet, essayist, teacher and mountaineer, Béchervaise led three Australian expeditions to the Antarctic between 1953 and 1960. He kept detailed records, letters and photographs, and these are now held at the National Library.


Bernadette Hince is a researcher and dictionary-writer with an interest in Antarctica and the Arctic. Her doctoral thesis (ANU, 2006) was a history of subantarctic islands.


Overseas Visiting Scholar, St John's College, Cambridge 2006
Australian Academy of Science Basser Library Fellowship 2005, 2006. See p5 of the Aug-Nov 05 issue of the Academy's newsletter for an article about Dr Hince's Fellowship research at the Academy.
Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Fellowship 1995.


Hince, Bernadette. The Antarctic Dictionary: A Complete Guide to Antarctic English. Melbourne : CSIRO, 2000. (review) (transcripts of ABC radio interviews about the Dictionary Feb 2001, June 2001, Jan 2002)
Hince, Bernadette. A Pryor commitment : Canberra's public landscape 1944-1958.
Canberra : ACT Landscape, Public Works and Services, 1994. (prepared as M.Sc thesis, ANU, 1992)

Recent articles
Hince, Bernadette. (2006). Words for grey. Island 104:30-33.
Hince, Bernadette. (2005). Half a square mile bigger. ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 12(1): 177-84.
Hince, Bernadette. (2005). Black dog. Highly Commended entry in Black Dog Writing Competition 2004/05.
Hince, Bernadette. (2005). English at the ends of the earth. Paper presented at Australex 2005: Dictionaries and the community. (abstract )
Hince, Bernadette. (2003). I do not expect to be lonely: John Béchervaise on Heard Island. NLA News XIII(12): 3-6.
Hince, Bernadette. (2000). Cold words. NZWords 4:7.

Hince, Bernadette. (2004). Something's missing down there. Transcript of Ockham's Razor radio interview (interviewer:Robyn Williams), October 2004.

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