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Harold White Fellowship Research Topic :
The Australian media and the British Empire.
Dr Potter's time in the Library was spent looking at the collections relating to public service broadcasting, and in particular the connections between the ABC and counterparts in other Commonwealth countries.


Simon Potter is originally from London, and completed his MA, M.St. and D.Phil. in Modern History at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.  He lectures on Imperial History at NUI, Galway. Simon researches and teaches in Imperial and Commonwealth History.  He is particularly interested in the role of the media in the British empire.
Dr Potter is a member of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland; the African Studies Association of Ireland; the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London; and the British Association of Canadian Studies.


Home page at National University of Ireland


Royal Irish Academy/British Academy Exchange Fellowship
Ireland-Canada University Foundation Scholarship
Rydon Fellowship, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, London


See Dr Potter's page at the National University of Ireland for a more extensive bibliography than that below.

Recent book
Potter, Simon. News and the British world: the emergence of an imperial press system 1876-1922. Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003. (review)

Recent articles
Potter, Simon. (2005). Strengthening the bonds of the Commonwealth: the Imperial Relations Trust and Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian broadcasting personnel in Britain, 1946-52. Media History 11(3): 193-205.
Potter, Simon. (2004). The imperial significance of the Canadian-American reciprocity proposals of 1911. Historical Journal 47(1): 81-100. (Abstract available - follow link)
Potter, Simon. (2003). Communication and integration: the press and the British world in Britain and the Dominions c.1876-1922. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 31(2): 190-206.
Potter, Simon. (undated). British overseas expansion 1815-1880. In: Ellis, S. (ed). Empires and states in European perspective. Pisa : 2002

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