Jemma Purdey

Harold White Fellowship Research Topic : Herb Feith (1930-2001): Knowing Indonesia inside and out

Following his sudden death in 2001, the Library acquired the collection of Herbert Feith, regarded as the foremost Australian scholar on Indonesia. This collection and others held at the NLA are key source materials for the biography.


Jemma Purdey is Writer-in-Residence in the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies at the Monash Asia Institute, Monash University. After completing her thesis on ‘Anti-Chinese Violence in Indonesia, 1996-1999’ (2003), she was Visiting Fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden, The Netherlands and worked as a volunteer in Mumbai.



Anti-Chinese Violence in Indonesia, 1996-1999. Singapore: ASAA SEA Publications Series, Singapore University Press, 2006. ( description )

Chapters and Journal Articles

'Ethnic Chinese, Violence and Legal Responses', in Indonesia: Law and Society, 2nd Edition, edited by Timothy Lindsey. Federation Press: Leichardt, N.S.W., forthcoming.

'The "Other" May Riots: Anti-Chinese Violence in Solo, May 1998', in Violent Conflicts in Indonesia: Analysis, Representation and Resolution, edited by C.A. Coppel, Routledge Curzon: London, 2006.

'Anti-Chinese Violence in Post-Reformasi Indonesia', in Festschrift to Charles Coppel, Chinese Indonesians: Remembering, Distorting, Forgetting, edited by Timothy Lindsey and Helen Pausacker. Singapore: ISEAS, 2005, 14-40.

'Describing Kekerasan: Some observations on writing about violence in Indonesia after the New Order', Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (BKI), 160-2/3, (August), 189-225, 2004.

'Is There A Place for Ethnic Chinese Identity in Post-Suharto Indonesia? Reopening the Asimilasi versus Integrasi Debate, Special Edition, Asian Ethnicity, Volume 4, Number 3, October 2003, 421-437.

'A Contested Truth about the May 1998 Violence: Problematising the Place of Victims in Reformasi Indonesia', Asian Survey, August/September 2002, 605-622.

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