Harold White Fellow Presentation

Justin Bayard, 1st American edition

Detail of cover of Justin Bayard, 1st American edition, by
Jon Cleary (New York: William Morrow, 1956)

Making it in the American Market:
Australian Books and American Publishers

Professor David Carter
Monday 30 November, 5.30 pm
Conference Room, free

Most studies of Australian books and publishing focus on the dominance of the British publishing industry and its effects on Australian culture. Less is known about the story of Australian writers who have tried and succeeded in ‘making it in the American market’, and the surprising number and variety of Australian novels published in American editions.

In this lecture, David Carter offers an overview of the shifting relations between Australian writers and American publishers from the mid–nineteenth century to the present day. How have Australian books found their way to American publishers? What obstacles and opportunities has the American market presented? What genre of books and authors have made it? Are American publishers interested in ‘Australianness’? Can we discern any patterns over time or merely a string of one-off cases? And how has the picture changed in more recent times?

David Carter is Professor of Australian Literature and Cultural History at the University of Queensland and has written and edited a number of publications, including Making Books: Contemporary Australian Publishing (2007).

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