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Let us Raise More Domestic Animals by Various Methods!

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Let us Raise More Domestic Animals by Various Methods!

Literary Propaganda in North Korea:
Liberalisation in the 21st Century?
Dr Tatiana Gabroussenko
Tuesday 2 June 2009
5.30 pm
Conference Room, free

Following the inception of the North Korean Federation of Literature and Arts in 1946, all creative writing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was officially assigned to the realm of ’socialist realism’. North Korean writers were proclaimed to be ’soldiers on the cultural front’, whose primary concern was to mould the reader’s opinions in the context of a constant party line and the proper translation of the regime’s messages to the reader. However, some foreign observers have begun to see significant changes in the North Korean literary tradition, including a broadening of the permissible range of topics and even some concessions to alternative discourses. In this lecture, Dr Gabroussenko investigates whether the most favoured branch of contemporary North Korean literature—’rural fiction’—has indeed become a conduit of political liberalisation and, if so, to what extent. She analyses the core messages of North Korean creative writing about the countryside and considers these messages in relation to the recent DPRK directives on agricultural and rural development.

Tatiana Gabroussenko is a Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University (ANU). She holds a PhD in East Asian Studies from the ANU.

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