Harold White Fellow Presentation

Tien Gulden

Banknote for 10 guilden printed by Djakarta Insatsu Kodjo,
Katalog uang kertas Indonesia, 17822005 (Indonesian Paper
Money Catalogue, 17822005)
(Jakarta: Sugijaya Abadi Sentosa, 2005)

Opium, Guns and Banana Money:
Financing the Indonesian Revolution 19451949

Dr Robert Cribb
Wednesday 21 October, 5.30 pm
Conference Room, free

Between 1945 and 1949, Indonesian nationalists fought a war of independence against the Dutch. Most accounts of the revolution focus on the heroism of the nationalist armies and on the deft diplomatic campaign for independence. But revolutions need money. In this lecture, historian Dr Robert Cribb explores the financial underbelly of the Indonesian revolution and reveals a tangled story of resourcefulness, intrigue, opium smuggling, piracy and forgery.

Dr Cribb is Professor of Indonesian History at the Australian National University.

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