Climate History Project

Australia has one of the most spectacularly erratic climates in the world: dramatic weather variability influences every aspect of our lives. The Climate History research project is seeking to reconstruct Australia's climate history from European settlement to 1900. The National Library of Australia is seeking your help for this important research project to piece together our nation’s climate history.

To further examine this intriguing history, we are interested in discovering Lake George’s climate history. Over time, the lake level has risen and fallen, acting as a natural rain gauge in the environment. Since Lake George’s water level reflects regional rainfall variability in our region, it provides us with an extremely useful rainfall record that will help scientists reconstruct rainfall patterns back through time using historical records.

How you can help:

  • Use the Trove newspaper database to search for and tag articles relating to the level of water in Lake George. Tagging articles that make reference to whether the lake is full, representing a ‘sheet of water’, affected by flood, rain, heat or dry weather will be an enormous help to climate researchers.
  • Tag articles with the following tags
    • climatehistory
    • Lake George

Your work will help unearth historical accounts of an unknown, but very significant, period in Australia’s climate history.

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