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What primary sources does the library hold on Pitcairn Island and the Bounty ?

We hold first edition books and other early and scarce editions, correspondence, orders, charts, logs, early magazine/journal accounts etc, in a variety of formats, including manuscript (unpublished), print, typescripts, photocopies, microforms, photographs, pictures, prints, etc. They are held in different parts of the Library according to their format. Try searching our online catalogue to find items of interest. You could try the following searches: "bligh william", "bounty ship", "bounty mutiny 1789", "pitcairn island", "norfolk island" (include quotation marks). For larger sets of results, you can sort them by date order to bring the oldest items to the top of your list.

Here are a few items of interest to look out for: The Notebook and list of mutineers, 1789 used by Bligh on the voyage to Timor in the Bounty's launch is held in our Manuscripts Collection (as are most unpublished items). The notebook has also been digitised. Included with the original notebook are microfilm, photographs and transcript copies. A microfilm copy of the Logbook of HMS Bounty is available in our Newspapers and Family History zone. Instructions to David Nelson appointed to proceed with Lieutenant Bligh on the ship Bounty to the Society Islands for the purpose of collecting bread-fruit trees, 1787 is held in the Manuscripts Collection. A letter by John Adams, son of the Bounty mutineer, from Pitcairn Island, dated 1852 (this is a photocopy of the original which is held in private ownership). A letter by Charles Darwin to Lady Denison in 1874 asking for information on the fertility of the Pitcairners after they had been transferred to Norfolk Island. The mutineers turning Lieut. Bligh and part of the officers and crew adrift from His Majesty's ship the Bounty [picture] by Robert Dodd is held by our Pictures Collection. The print has also been digitised. A pen & wash drawing of Lt. Bligh and his crew of the ship 'Bounty' hospitably received by the governor of Timor by Charles Benazech is also held by our Pictures Collection and has been digitised.

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Last update: 2015-05-04 15:23
Author: General Reference Enquiry