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How do I declare my intention to publish an item from the Library's collections?

Before you publish or reproduce a substantial part of a collection item, you need to find out if the item is still in copyright and, if so, obtain permission from the copyright owner.

If you wish to reproduce all or part of a published book, journal, newspaper or map you only need the copyright owner’s permission. For other items such as manuscripts, pictures, music and oral history collection items you will need the Library's permission to reproduce, in addition to the copyright owner's permission.

If you order copies of the material through Copies Direct there is no need to separately arrange permission as this is covered through the completed Copies Direct order form. In all other circumstances, if you wish to reproduce a manuscript, pictures, music or oral history collection item you will need separate written permission from the Library to do so.

Further information and links to the relevant Intention to Publish Form can be found on the Library's web page How do I declare my intention to publish?

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Last update: 2011-11-28 12:14
Author: General Reference Enquiry