We recommend you to use words in Romanization, when searching OPAC.

The cataloguing system allows you to search using Japanese characters but the results won't be as comprehensive as the searches using Romanization.

Please see examples below on how to separate words. This is the way cataloguing is done in most libraries in Western world on Japanese books, so it is recommended to follow this practice when searching catalogue, for more precise hits.

Searches are not case sensitive, but words to be separated in suggested order.

When searching for「夏目漱石」,  key in 'natsume soseki'

                               for 「日本の政治家」 ,  key in  'nihon no seijika'

                               for「婦人運動」,  key in ' fujin undo'

                               for 「少子化社会」,  key in  'shoshika shakai'

Spaces are needed in between words. Long vowels can also be ignored when typing in words for searching.

Rominization scheme used here is Modified Hepburn and the information and more examples are in Japanese Romanization Table at Library of Congress.