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John Anderson papers

Project participants: Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS), University of Sydney Library
Contact officer/s: Dr Creagh Cole, Coordinator, Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS) (email, phone 02 9351 7408 or fax 02 9351 7290)
Project description: John Anderson was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney and an influential figure in Australian cultural and political life through his lectures at the University between 1927 and 1955. This project aims to prepare digital versions of lecture notes written and delivered by Professor John Anderson between 1927 and 1955.
URL of site:
URL for project information:
Content: Notes from lectures delivered between 1927 and 1955 are available and the collection will grow with the addition of articles and pamphlets, images and a sound file of Anderson singing "The Sydney Blues".
Digitisation policy and priorities: Digitisation policy - library oriented partly to creation of digital texts in humanities - following text encoding initiative standards.
Timetable: November 1997 - ongoing
Budget and funding: No funding at present.
Staff resources: Digitisation undertaken inhouse and by a private company. Many created in-house. All encoded in-house. SETIS aims to provide training at the University of Sydney and beyond in the use of SGML for creation of e-texts.
Technical standards: Text files SGML encoded using DTD of Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Some texts include 400dpi black and white TIF images of each page (Web available as GIF/JPEG lower resolution) - illustration images in JPEG. Software used: Open Text 5 Search Engine. Hardware: X-terminals linking to IBM RS 6000J servers, IBM PCs, Power Macs; Omni Page 8, Adobe Photoshop 3 for image capture. Storage devices: Unix Server, backup. SGML encoding chosen to give the best chance of platform software independence. Problems however with suitable search engines and their ability to recognise SGML elements - only two widely used at present on the Web, as far as I know.
Cataloguing and indexing: Each text file includes full TEI header containing bibliographic information, statements about creation, encoding, editorial comment etc. Each will also appear in University of Sydney Library catalogue.

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