042 $a anuc code in records for Australian material

We have recently  been doing some targeted data maintenance work for Australian material that is lacking the 042 $a anuc code – the Australian content  indicator.

Unfortunately we’ve discovered quite a few bibliographic records for Australian publications that don’t have this code.

It is Libraries Australia policy to add the Australian Content Indicator ‘anuc’ code to  bibliographic items if:

  • the author was born or has lived in Australia for a substantial period of time,
  • the work is considered to have significant Australian content or
  • the work has been published in Australia.

As many of you know, it is very important to add the ‘anuc’ code to Libraries Australia records because it:

  • identifies records that are included in various acquisition products, including RAP (Recent Australian Publications), and
  • enables users to confine their searches on Libraries Australia to Australian material.

Further information can be found on the Libraries Australia website on the use of the ‘anuc’ code, including its use in authorities, at:


We’d appreciate it if you could check that the ‘anuc’ code is present when creating and updating both bibliographic and authority records on Libraries Australia. Doing this will make our products, and your searches, more accurate and useful. 

Many thanks,

Helen Ludellen
Manager, Australian National Bibliographic Database, Libraries Australia
National Library of Australia 
+61 2 62621215 | 6 02 6273 1180 |

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