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During the 2012-13 financial year, the National Library of Australia is redeveloping the Libraries Australia Search Service interface and database. One of the Library's key responsibilities is a commitment to renew the Libraries Australia Search Service to meet the collection management needs of over 1,000 Australian libraries.

The project aims to deliver a replacement for the existing Libraries Australia Search Service that provides comparable functionality to the existing service, sufficient capacity for processing the required record updates and improved search response times.

Stage 1

A significant activity of Stage 1 involved comprehensive research to understand how member libraries use Libraries Australia Search to do their work, and to identify the issues existing with the current system and collect suggestions for improvement. This provided a sound basis not only for decision-making in the development of a prioritised list of requirements and proposed technical architecture but also set the foundation for Stage 2. Stage 1 was completed in mid September 2012.

Stage 2

Some of the key deliverables of Stage 2 were the Search database, Z39.50 interface and a prototype for core functionality. Stage 2 was completed at the end of December 2012.

Stage 3

Stage 3 will see the release of the alpha version of the Libraries Australia Search user interface (this is the web application). Expected completion date for Stage 3 is early April 2013.

Stage 4

Stage 4 will deliver all the other elements of the Project. This will include things such as the remainder of the interface, the Training environment, user manuals, technical documentation and online help, etc. Expected completion date for this final stage of the Project is mid 2013.

The Project Team members are: Sue Collier (Project Manager), Joanna Meakins (Business Analyst), Kenji Walter (Interface Designer), Simon Jacob (Developer), Basil Dewhurst (Developer) and Laurel Paton (Business Area Representative).

Project update presentation available

Want to know a little more about the Project? A presentation about the Project was given by Project team members Joanna Meakins and Laurel Paton at the Libraries Australia Forum in October. It includes information such as Project goals, research, site visits, more...

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