Christmas/New Year suspensions in LADD

In order to relieve some of the workload on our ILL colleagues with ISO compliant systems, we are trialling a different method for applying suspensions over this Christmas/New Year period.

If your library is closing for just the period beginning Monday 26th December 2011 until Monday 2nd January 2012 inclusive, there is no need to apply a suspension to your library. However, if your library will be closed leading up to Friday 23rd December and/or from 3rd January or later, then please apply a suspension for the entire period. For example:

  1. First day library closes is Monday 26th Dec. 2011 and reopens on Tuesday 3rd Jan. 2012 – don’t apply suspension.
  2. First day library closes is Wednesday 21st Dec. 2011 and reopens on Tuesday 3rd Jan. 2012 – apply suspension for the period Wednesday 21st Dec. 2011 until Monday 2nd Jan. 2012
  3. First day library closes is Monday 26th Dec. 2011 and reopens on Thursday 5th Jan. 2012 - apply suspension for the period Monday 26th Dec. 2011 until Wednesday 4th Jan. 2012
  4. Your library only closes for the public holidays (i.e. 26th, 27th Dec. 2011 and 2nd Jan. 2012 only) – don’t apply suspension.

We believe it is unlikely that many libraries will fall into category 4, however if you want to submit an urgent request during this period our recommendation would be to contact the library directly before submitting the request. We are aware that this will result in some requests being held at closed libraries, until the normal 5 day expiry period progresses the request to the next location on the rota. We will review the impact of this new procedure in the new year.

Please apply your suspensions as early as possible (and don’t leave them until the last minute) but take care before applying them because each time you edit your suspension period, libraries with ISO compliant systems have to manually configure your details into their system. Multiple changes and last minute suspensions can make a dramatic increase in the workflows of these libraries.

Need reminding how to suspend you location in LADD? Please refer to LADD User Guide 9: Suspending your location.

As usual, if you have any questions about this please contact the Help Desk.

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