Clarification on LADD charges

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion about charges in LADD following the NLA Document Supply Service's announcement last month of increased charges for interlibrary loan and document delivery.

Although the NLA's Document Supply Service will increase its fees from 1 July, the default charges in LADD will not change. LADD's default charges will remain at the standard ILRS code rates of $13.20 for Core requests, $26.40 for Rush requests and $39.60 for Express requests.

Margaret Allen, ALIA President, announced today that the ALIA Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee will carry out an Interlibrary Lending Resource Sharing Recommended Prices Review in 2011, and noted that "in order to preserve the ILRS code we would encourage Australian libraries to consider not altering ILL charges until the review is completed".

As a responding library, if you choose to increase your charges, please advise other libraries by:

  1. sending a message to our LADD discussion list:
  2. updating your library's entry in the ILRS Directory.

If you increase your charges, you will need to update the charge on each request, otherwise LADD will apply the standard ILRS code rates. You can also use the reciprocal functionality in LADD to set up your increased charges with specific libraries.

As a requesting library, if you do not wish to be charged more than the standard ILRS code rate, you can set the maximum cost of your request to $13.20 for Core, or as applicable, which will indicate to libraries that do not follow ILRS code charges that they should non-supply.

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