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During the 2012-13 financial year, Libraries Australia will be redeveloping the Libraries Australia Search Service. This redevelopment will ensure a faster, more stable search experience for Libraries Australia members. Libraries Australia Products, the Record Export Service and Z39.50 services will also be redeveloped.

In the lead up to this redevelopment, we will be conducting a review of the Libraries Australia services. This review is designed to ensure that, in a changing environment, we are offering the highest-value services to Libraries Australia subscribers. We will be looking at which services are being provided, the possibility of adding new services, and whether services should be offered in a different way.

To ensure the review meets its aims, we need your involvement. A key part of the review is a survey, which we would like all subscribing institutions and individuals to participate in over the next three weeks. I am hoping you and your colleagues will help us plan the future of Libraries Australia by participating in this survey.  You can access the survey by clicking the following link. In order to encourage you along, we are offering a prize for one lucky survey participant – an iPod Nano will be sent to a randomly chosen participant!

Access the survey here:

Contact Alison Dellit
Libraries Australia Business Architect

Library Supplier, Trainer and Vendor Survey

Do you work for a library supplier, vendor or trainer? If so, we would love to hear from you as well. We have a specific survey designed for library suppliers, trainers and vendors, which is available here

Unfortunately, there is no prize available for this survey, however you will be contributing to making our service more effectively meet your needs into the future!


How long will the survey be open?

The survey will close at 5pm AEDST on November 21.

Who should complete the survey?

We are keen for feedback from all staff using Libraries Australia as part of their workflows, Library managers and individuals who subscribe to Libraries Australia.  While some workplaces may wish to aggregate their responses,  we would encourage staff to fill in the survey individually. If your workplace does want to aggregate the questions, a PDF version of the survey is available here.

How long will the survey take?

To complete the whole survey will take around half an hour. However, most people will find they can easily skip sections not relevant to their work.

But I only use a small part of Libraries Australia, I can’t answer all the questions!

The survey is designed to easily skip sections you don’t have knowledge about. It’s ok just to answer the questions relevant to you.

I am a library services vendor, can I fill in the survey?

No. We do want the feedback of library services vendors to assist our redevelopment.   However, this survey is designed for libraries and individual subscribers. A similar survey specific to library vendors is available at
Contact Alison Dellit for further details.

Can I answer anonymously?

No.  In order to ensure we have an appropriate cross-section of respondents, you will need to enter a valid email address, your name and your organisation details. Your responses will be kept confidential, unless you give us explicit permission otherwise. Please contact Alison Dellit directly if you have further questions.

Will Libraries Australia be releasing the results?

Yes. We are keen to share all our findings with all Libraries Australia members. The review involves input from a range of sources. We want to collect all of the input, and analyse the results, before releasing the findings in 2012.

What’s in it for me?

Contributing to providing better, evolving collaborative library services. Also, the chance to win an IPod – one lucky participant will be randomly chosen to receive an iPod Nano!

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