Libraries Australia holdings go straight to WorldCat

We’ve recently had some queries about interoperation between Libraries Australia and WorldCat.

Did you know that your Libraries Australia holdings are automatically transferred to WorldCat? In fact the new record with your holding or holding change is passed on in near real time, via SRU.

It doesn’t matter if you use the Record Import Service, Cataloguing Client or your web browser to catalogue and maintain holdings. A holding update is triggered every time you:

  • Create a new record on Libraries Australia with a holding
  • Add a holding to an existing Libraries Australia record
  • Change a holding on an existing Libraries Australia record
  • Remove a holding from a Libraries Australia record

Your items are then discoverable via a wide range of portals – through Libraries Australia, Trove, WorldCat and more. While your records are available in a number of systems, library staff save time by only maintaining records in a single system – Libraries Australia. Alternatively, your vendor can login to Libraries Australia and add your record or holding for you. All the synchronisation with other discovery services is done by Libraries Australia.

There is no extra cost, upload of records and holdings to WorldCat is included in your Libraries Australia subscription.

You can read more on our website about the agreement between Libraries Australia and OCLC.

If you have any queries please contact the Help Desk.

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