Infotrieve available for receiving requests in LADD

Infotrieve Australia is once again available for normal ILL activities after the successful completion of testing with their CSCM ISO compliant ILL system.

An outstanding issue still exists where a system generated Answer Will Supply action is not processing through the LADD gateway correctly. Our technical support staff will continue to work with Infotrieve to find a resolution to this issue.

The ramifications to requesting libraries of the Answer Will Supply Action not working include:

  • Requests not actioned shipped by Infotrieve within 5 days may expire or move onto the next location on the rota. We suggest that you do not add any other libraries to the rota when requesting material from Infotrieve.
  • An accompanying note which is sent with the Answer Will Supply action and includes details such as the Infotrieve order number will not be received by most requesting libraries.

A further update will be provided when the Answer Will Supply problem is resolved.

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