Etiquette for Inter-library loan & document delivery activity

Thank you to all the libraries that have recently updated their ILRS/ALG pages. These pages are used on a daily basis for assisting with library contact details and information about conditions of supply, renewal policies and so on.

Even if your information is correct, we ask that you still log in and save, as this will update the time stamp so libraries will know the information is the most current. If you have lost your passwords and need them sent to you, please use this ILRS form.

Please be aware that when participating in the LADD network we ask that libraries do not:

Finally, please respond to messages in a timely manner. If you wish to have the message email alert set up for your library, please our Request LADD email alerts form accessible from our contact page.

As always if you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact the Help Desk on 1800 026 155 or online.

  • Action requests 'Answer will supply' when the item is on loan. This effectively stalls the request at your location until the item is returned to your library, when there are most likely several libraries still on the rota who can supply that day.
  • Add an expiry date that is less than four days from the request date on Core requests. If you need your item before the standard core timeframe then you will need to use service levels Rush or Express. We advise not to add expiry dates as they are calculated automatically depending on the service level.
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