Project update

Stage 2 of the project was completed in December on schedule. The three key deliverables from this stage were:

  • the new Libraries Australia Search database (MySQL database and SOLR indexes)
  • new Loader software. This receives records from CBS , the LA cataloguing client database , and loads them into the Search database.
  • a new Z39.50 interface to the search database, which will be accessed via the existing ZGateway.

Although they have been built now, these won't be released into production until the end of Stage 4. Testing of the Z39.50 interface by a small number of Libraries Australia member libraries using a range of different Z39.50 clients is planned to occur during March.

Stage 3 of the project is now well underway. The key deliverable will be an alpha version of the Libraries Australia Search service (LA Search Alpha).

The things the project team learnt from the research done during Stage 1 and the usability evaluations of screen mock-ups done in Stage 2, are being incorporated into LA Search Alpha. However we need to ensure the changes we are making are actually going to improve things for you. So the idea is that we get an early, although incomplete, version of the new system out for Libraries Australia users to look at as soon as we can. If there are any issues, we want to know about them during the project so they can be addressed prior to production release.

The functionality of LA Search Alpha will be limited to the simple and advanced search screens, search results and record full view screens plus login/IP authentication.

As soon as it is ready (expected in April), Libraries Australia users will be invited to try out LA Search Alpha and provide us with feedback on the changes.

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