LADD - Responding - when you need to change dates

When responding to a request with Answer Conditional it is important to note that you must change the Answer Date by which you want an answer.  Answer Date defaults to today's date. However, if you do not change it, the Borrower (Requester) only has until the end of the day to reply. If they do not reply within the time set, the request expires, and is then submitted to the next location on the rota. It is good practice to set the Answer Date a week or so ahead.
Answer Will Supply indicates an intention to supply but not immediately. In the Answer Date field you can enter the date you expect to be able to supply the item.

Note: the action 'Answer Will Supply' overrides any expiry dates set, so the date you enter is for the Borrower's (Requester's) information only, and will not cause the request to expire. This also means that the request is effectively held at your location, unless you follow the action with 'Answer Non Supply' or 'Shipped'.
Answer Retry indicates to a Borrowing (Requesting) library that the request cannot be supplied immediately but they can send the request back if it cannot be supplied elsewhere. If the request reaches the end of the rota and has not been supplied, it will go to Authorisation Status 'Check Manual'. The Borrower (Requester) can send the request again to the library that responded with Answer Retry. You can enter the date you expect the item to be available in the Retry Date field.

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