New LADD email alert - Not Found as Cited

A new email alert, as the Requester (Borrower) is now available. Not Found as Cited alerts you when your request has been actioned as Answer Non Supply with a reason of Not Found as Cited.

Email alerts involve the sending of an automated email to a nominated contact email address when a particular action is sent for a new or existing request. This will improve workflows, e.g. for libraries who have a small volume of requests by reducing the need to login and check for new requests, or for larger libraries who may choose to only utilise particular alerts such as the Cancel-Indication and/or Renew-Indication.

If you wish to set up your LADD account with this new alert, or any other alert for that matter, please fill in the LADD Alerts Request Form (accessible from our contact page) with your organisation's details and which alerts you would like to receive.


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