New standard for Minimum Record on Libraries Australia

We will be replacing the Libraries Australia Minimum Record Standard with a new standard. The new standard has a new name: Required Data Elements. At the moment it is a provisional standard only.

The new standard, Required Data Elements, is being introduced at the same time as the change to Resource Description and Access (RDA). The introduction of RDA occurs on 31 March 2013. From that time we will not be describing the minimum record in terms of the Anglo American Cataloging Rules 2nd edition (AACR2).

In addition to the RDA changes we have also added a small number of additional codes and fields. These additional codes and fields are necessary because they will make matching and merging more accurate. This will result in fewer duplicates.

Most records sent to the ANBD already meet the new standard, except for specific RDA data, and we hope that it will not be onerous for contributing libraries.

I will be giving a short session at the Libraries Australia Forum on this new standard but I want to give everyone the opportunity to see the new standard beforehand.

The Required Data Elements have been listed on our website.

If you cannot attend the Libraries Australia Forum and would like to comment or ask a question, please contact the Help Desk. Answers will be sent after the Forum.

Carol Hamilton

Database Services
Libraries Australia
National Library of Australia
Canberra ACT 2600
My telephone: 02 6262 1651
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Facsimile : 02 6273 1180

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