2010 Forum program

Theatre, National Library of Australia

Wednesday 20 October 2010, 9 am - 4:30 pm

9:00 am Opening Address (PDF, 99KB)
powerpoint (pdf, 99 KB) | audio (mp3, 8 MB) 
Dr Warwick Cathro, Acting Director-General, National Library of Australia
Theatre, LG1
9:10 am Housekeeping 
Morning Chair, Ms Laurel Paton, Acting Director of Collaborative Services
9:15 am The future nature of library collecting
powerpoint (pptx, 1 MB) | audio (mp3, 20 MB) 
Ms Constance Malpas, Program Officer, Research Libraries Group, OCLC
10:00 am Trends and developments in interlibrary loan and document delivery
powerpoint (pptx, 5.8 MB) | audio (mp3, 27 MB)  
Ms Katie Birch, Portfolio Director, Delivery Services, OCLC
10:45 am Morning Tea LG1
11:15 am Libraries Australia: a year in review 
powerpoint (pptx, 9.7 MB) | audio (mp3, 15 MB) 
Ms Debbie Campbell, Acting Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing & Innovation, National Library of Australia
Theatre, LG1
11:45 am Interactive sessions - move to venue
11:50 am Theatre, LG1/ Conference Room, 4th floor / Ferguson Room, 1st floor  
Interlibrary loan and document delivery
powerpoint (pptx, 1.1 MB) | audio (mp3, 9 MB) | discussion summary (pdf, 83 KB)
Current ILL issues, overview of LADD developments, interactive Q&A.
Cataloguing and CBS developments
powerpoint (pptx, 393 KB) | audio (mp3,  32 MB)
Libraries Australia Cataloguing service developments, interactive Q&A.
Other powerpoints:
Trove presentation by Alison Dellit (pptx, 828 KB)
Lists Project presentation by Linda Newbown (pptx, 674 KB)
Enhanced Requesting and meet the Libraries Australia Help Desk
powerpoint (pptx, 1 MB) | audio (mp3, 33 MB)
An Enhanced Requesting perspective and interactive Help Desk Q&A.
1:00 pm
2:00 pm Housekeeping  Afternoon Chair, Mr Rob Walls, Director, Libraries Australia Database Services Theatre, LG1
2:01 pm Special libraries, their collections and Libraries Australia
powerpoint (pptx, 1 MB) | audio (mp3, 21 MB)
Ms Ann Ritchie, LAAC member & Editor, Australian Library Journal Ms Laurel Paton, Acting Director of Collaborative Services
2:45 pm An update on ERA (Electronic Resources Australia)
powerpoint (pptx, 2.1 MB) | audio (mp3, 11 MB)
Ms Nikki Darby, Manager, NSLA Consortium & National Licensing
3:05 pm Afternoon Tea LG1
3:30 pm Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives and Museums: Research findings from the RLG Social Metadata Working Group
powerpoint (pptx, 6.7 MB) | audio (mp3, 27 MB)
Ms Rose Holley, Social Metadata Working Group Member, Research Libraries Group, OCLC (Manager, Trove, National Library of Australia)
Theatre, LG1
4:05 pm Questions with and without notice 
Ms Debbie Campbell and the Libraries Australia team
4:20 pm Closing and evaluations
4:30 pm Forum close