2013 Forum Program

"What it means to be in the cloud"

Law Building, University of Melbourne, Melbourne

Thursday 31 October 2013, 9am - 4:30pm
Time Session
8:15am Registrations Open
9:00am Opening address
Mr Geoff Strempel,
Chair, Libraries Australia Advisory Committee
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9:10am Forum Morning Chair,
Ms Deirdre Kiorgaard,
Director, Collaborative Services, National Library of Australia
9:15am Contextual collections, colossal collaboration, curious connections
Ms Lucie Burgess,

Head of Content Strategy, British Library
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10:00am Education in the cloud: implications for university libraries
Mr Philip Kent,

University Librarian, University of Melbourne
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10:45am Morning Tea
11:15am Supporting researchers in the cloud
Dr Ann Borda,

Executive Director VeRSI and Chief Executive Officer VPAC
powerpoint (pptx, 6.62 Mb) | audio (mp3, 20.3 Mb)
11:40am Is the Cloud for all libraries
Mrs Wilma Kurvink,
College Head of Libraries, Wesley College Melbourne
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11:55am OCLC cloud services and their relationship to Libraries Australia
Mr Chris Thewlis,

Regional Manager, OCLC Australasia
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12:20pm Forum Afternoon Chair,
Ms Monika Szunejko,
Director, Database Services, National Library of Australia
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Libraries Australia Updates:
  Checking in with LADD
Mr Philip Hahn,

LADD Administrator
powerpoint (pptx, 0.6 Mb) | audio (mp3, 11.7 Mb)
  The Ins and Outs of the NBD
Ms Laurel Paton,

Manager, Australian National Bibliographic Database

Ms Melanie Satrapa,
RES and Products Officer
powerpoint (pptx, 1.42 Mb) | audio (mp3, 12.3 Mb)

Libraries Australia Search Redevelopment
Ms Nikki Darby,

Manager, Libraries Australia Member Services
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2:30pm Afternoon Tea
3:10pm Trove: being in the cloud
Dr Tim Sherratt,

Trove Manager, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia
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3.30pm Libraries Australia: a year in review
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres,

Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia
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4:00pm Questions with and without notice
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres and the Libraries Australia team
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4:15pm Evaluations/Closing address
4:30pm Forum Close