2007 Forum program

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Thursday 6 September 2007, 9 am - 3:30 pm

Time Session Location
9:00 am Welcome and opening
Professor L. Roy Webb
audio (mp3, 55 MB, dur: 58:58) Theatre 1
9:10 am Introduction
Jan Fullerton, Director-General, NLA
9:15 am Libraries Australia Report powerpoint (ppt, 2.8 MB)
Tony Boston, Assistant Director-General, Resource Sharing, NLA
9:35 am OCLC, Libraries Australia, and the Global Information and Research Infrastructure powerpoint (ppt, 3.6 MB)
Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat & Metadata Services, OCLC
9:55 am Re-imagining the national data store powerpoint (ppt, 365 KB)
Warwick Cathro, Assistant Director-General, Innovation, NLA
audio (mp3, 32 MB, dur: 34:05)
10:10 am Libraries Australia and online resources powerpoint (ppt, 684 KB)
Rob Walls, Director, Libraries Australia Database Service, NLA,
10:25 am Questions - All speakers
10:35 am Morning Tea Queensland Terrace
11:00 am Parallel sessions 1 & 2
Cataloguing powerpoint (ppt, 634 KB)
Bemal Rajapatirana, Manager, Libraries Australia Database Services
audio (mp3, 37 MB, dur: 39:58) Theatre 1
Interlibrary Lending powerpoint (ppt, 972 KB) Deborah Fuller, Manager, Libraries Australia Database Services, Amanda Cheung, LADD Administrator & Mary-Louise Weight, Libraries Australia Member Services audio (mp3, 33 MB, dur: 35:11) Theatre 2
11:45 am Parallel sessions 3 & 4
Administration & Products powerpoint (ppt, 2.3 MB)
Lynn Hedley, Libraries Australia Database Services & Emma Corbett, Libraries Australia Member Services
audio (mp3, 34 MB, dur: 36:45) Theatre 1
Reference & Libraries Australia Search powerpoint (ppt, 8.3 MB)
David Ong, Manager, Libraries Australia Member Services & Karen Mackney, Libraries Australia Member Services
audio (mp3, 33 Mb, dur: 35:27) Theatre 2
12:30 pm Lunch Queensland Terrace
1:20 pm New directions in cataloguing powerpoint (ppt, 1.9 MB)
Deirdre Kiorgaard, Director, Bibliographic Standards & Strategy, NLA
audio (mp3, 66 MB, dur: 1:10:10) Theatre 1
1:35 pm New directions in access services powerpoint (ppt, 393 KB)
Judith Pearce, Assitant-Director, Innovation, NLA
1:50 pm Producing a new OPAC exploiting MARC data powerpoint (ppt, 529 KB)
Lloyd Sokvitne, Senior Manager, Digital Strategies, State Library of Tasmania
2:05 pm Libraries Australia Service updates powerpoint (ppt, 1.2 MB)
Debbie Campbell, Director, Collaborative Services, NLA
2:20 pm Questions
All speakers
2:25 pm Afternoon Tea Queensland Terrace
2:50 pm Music Australia powerpoint (ppt, 2.2 MB)
Robyn Holmes, Curator of Music, NLA
audio (mp3, 48 MB, dur: 51:23) Theatre 1
Service updates: People Australia, ARROW Discovery Service & Picture Australia powerpoint (ppt, 991 KB)
Basil Dewhurst, Manager, Resource Discovery Services, NLA
3:30 pm Open discussion on Libraries Australia: ideas, future directions powerpoint (ppt, 184 KB)
Tony Boston, Assistant-Director, Resource Sharing, NLA
4:00 pm Forum close