2009 Forum

Hobart Function & Convention Centre

Friday 6 November 2009, 9 am - 3 pm

The annual Libraries Australia Forum is a showcase of the developments in the past year. During the forum, highlights of the service are demonstrated, the Annual Report is presented and future directions are discussed.

Innovation was the theme for the 2009 Libraries Australia Forum.

Keynote Speakers

Janifer Gatenby, Research Integration & Standards, OCLC
Photo of Janifer Gatenby (keynote speaker) 

Janifer currently works in Research Integration & Standards in OCLC Leiden and is an international bibliographic standards expert.  She will talk about developments in bibliographic utilities including the current status and future of the CBS system.

Jim Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs Development, OCLC
Photo of Jim Michalko (keynote speaker) 

Jim will give an 'environmental scan' of the current social, policy and technology influences on libraries and the relevance of libraries in this environment.