NLNZ changes to Te Puna - what it means for Libraries Australia #2

Libraries Australia will be shortly implementing changes to the Libraries Australia Search Service and the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) systems to support continued access to Te Puna Services, following National Library of New Zealand’s (NLNZ) move to a cloud-based serviced hosted by OCLC.

Below is a summary what will change, and what will not:

  • Databases: Libraries Australia Search
    The external database links ‘OCLC WorldCat’ and ‘Te Puna (New Zealand NBD)’ will be combined under a single search target ‘OCLC WorldCat (including Te Puna)’. This means that the New Zealand holdings will be included in the search results on WorldCat. 

    You will be able to further refine your search using Te Puna Search, the new discovery layer where you can search the combined catalogue of New Zealand libraries –

  • BibSearch: Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD)
    The ‘Te Puna’ link (under Searchable Collections) will be renamed ‘Te Puna on WorldCat’, as the New Zealand National Union Catalogue is now represented as the Te Puna view on WorldCat. BibSearch will now be searching WorldCat via this link, which means:

    • Holdings for Worldcat will be returned via BibSearch, however the Australian and New Zealand libraries will be displayed first within the Details of an item. You will be able to identify the source of holdings with:
      • Australian holdings represented by NLA: NUC (e.g. NLA:ANL
      • New Zealand holdings represented by names instead of symbols (e.g. Auckland Libraries
      • WorldCat holdings represented by OCLC symbols (e.g. smhsm)
    • The list of items in the Brief Results screen may contain items with no Te Puna or LADD holdings before items with Te Puna or LADD holdings.

If you wish to find out which library is attached to an OCLC symbol you can search WorldCat Registry by searching the OCLC symbol – .

  • Te Puna Interloan request and supply: Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD)
    There will be no change to the request and supply from members of Te Puna Interloan. Libraries will still control which libraries they would like the request to go to (and Te Puna locations will continue to be added to the rota manually). OCLC symbols for other libraries around the world that hold the title are also displayed (under call number), but requests cannot be initiated for these libraries through this service.
  • ISO ILL libraries: Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD)
    There will be some configuration changes required for ISO ILL libraries wishing to connect to the Z39.50 ‘Te Puna on WorldCat’ target and further instructions will be provided.
  • Libraries Australia Document Delivery Payment Service (LADDPS):
    There will be no change to the LADD Payment Service used to manage the financial transactions between your organisation and the requesting/supplying library.

Further communication and information will be provided as these changes are implemented. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk.

Nikki Darby
Assistant Director, Libraries Australia Member Services | National Collections Access Division | National Library of Australia
P: (02) 6262 1549 | F: (02) 6273 1180 | Email:

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