NLNZ changes to Te Puna - what this means for Libraries Australia

Last month the National Library of New Zealand’s (NLNZ) Te Puna Services moved from an internally hosted service to a cloud-based service hosted by OCLC (Online Computer Learning Centre).

The Te Puna Replacement project was set up to decide on and implement the best solution to enable Te Puna to provide up-to-date services to its members, using a modern, next-generation system. Our colleagues from the National Library of New Zealand gave us a very informative presentation on the project entitled The Fellowship of the NUC (our precious) at the 2015 Libraries Australia Forum. The presentation can be viewed here:

NLNZ have advised Libraries Australia that, as part of the Te Puna Replacement Project, the New Zealand National Union Catalogue is now represented as the Te Puna view on WorldCat. Te Puna Search is now the new discovery layer for the service.

The main changes for Te Puna Interloan members are:

  • Libraries now see New Zealand and Australian library names instead of symbols.
  • BibSearch is now searching WorldCat (because of the size of the database the search is more efficient on ISBN/ ISSN or OCLC number).
  • New Zealand and Australian libraries are pulled into one rota (with New Zealand libraries first). Libraries still control which libraries they would like the request to go to. OCLC symbols for other libraries around the world that hold the title are also displayed (under call number) but requests cannot be initiated against these libraries through Te Puna Interloan.

Libraries Australia has been in discussion with NLNZ and OCLC to determine what these changes mean for Libraries Australia connections to Te Puna and our members.

We are preparing the technical and interface adjustments that are necessary to the Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) and Libraries Australia Search services, and will notify members of the changes in the next week.

Nikki Darby
Assistant Director, Libraries Australia Member Services | National Collections Access Division | National Library of Australia
P: (02) 6262 1549 | F: (02) 6273 1180 | Email:

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