Queries about RDA records on the ANBD

We have received some queries about RDA records on the ANBD.

Libraries Australia plans to support the creation and exchange of RDA data from the agreed Australian implementation date sometime in the first half of 2012. More information about the implementation time line for RDA can be found on the ACOC RDA website.

Up until that time there will be records produced via US testing and found on OCLC WorldCat.

There have also been some test records imported to Libraries Australia. These records do not have 336, 337 or 338 fields because Libraries Australia has not been configured to support these fields at the moment. So the imported test records have:

  • the code 'rda' in the $e subfield in the 040
  • the code 'i' in the Leader/18
  • spelled-out words where AACR2 would use abbreviations.

To prevent problems with matching and merging records after the implementation date we will edit these imported test records as part of our preparations for RDA. We will:

  • remove the $erda
  • amend the 'i' to an 'a' in the Leader/18

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Help Desk or email the
RDA Implementation Team at the National Library of Australia.

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