Record syntaxes supported via Z39.50 in Libraries Australia Search

The Libraries Australia Z39.50 Gateway supports access to ANBD bibliographic and authority files as well as many other databases, enabling you to download and save records then directly import them into your system.

The Libraries Australia Search team is assessing the record syntaxes that are currently supported by the Z-Gateway and plans to switch off support for two less popular syntaxes, in the next twelve months. The syntaxes to be removed are GRS-1 UTF8 (Generic Record Syntax; unstructured multi-purpose record syntax) and SUTRS (Simple Unstructured Text Record Syntax, for plain text records).

The Z-Gateway will continue to support:

  • MARC Unicode (UTF-8)
  • MARC-8

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or questions about this decision.

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