Relate linking software

Libraries Australia staff and staff at OCLC Leiden have been working for many months to configure and test the Libraries Australia Cataloguing (CBS) Relate software. The software matches headings in bibliographic records with the corresponding authority record. When a matching authority record is found, the preferred heading and authority record control number are inserted in the bibliographic record. This process will improve the quality of bibliographic records by replacing non-preferred headings with the preferred form. The software has been configured to process Name, Name-Title, Uniform Title and Topical Subject headings. In the future we aim to configure the matching of the remaining Subject headings. Prior to the implementation of the Relate software the only links between bibliographic and authority records were those migrated from our old system or added manually by cataloguers using the Paste Link function in the Cataloguing Client. We aim to process at least 130,000 bibliographic records per week, but this means that updating all bibliographic records may take up to a year. When all records have been processed, you will be able to request an Authority Record file tailored to your own collection (i.e. containing only authority records linked to bibliographic records with your holding).

Examples of records with links updated by the Relate software include AN 907176, AN 5338780 and AN 5505007.

Deborah Fuller
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