Searching for 13 digit ISBNs in 10 digit form

In Libraries Australia Search 10-digit ISBNs are automatically indexed, and are searchable, as the corresponding  13-digit number. However 13 digit ISBNs are not indexed as 10 digit numbers unless both numbers appear in the bibliographic record.

If you have a unsuccessfully searched a  10 digit ISBN  and would like to search for the 13 digit form you can convert it by:

  • Adding the prefix “978”
  • Deleting the last digit (i.e. the check digit) and replacing it with a “#” (wild card)

For example, if the ISBN you have in hand is 0786437227 it can be searched in the following 13 digit form 978078643722#

The Libraries Australia Cataloguing (CBS) system automatically indexes all 10 digit ISBNs in the 13 digit form and vice versa.

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