Serials Solutions records - holdings refresh on the ANBD

With the continued increase in bibliographic records for digitised and electronic resources, there has been a growing issue with bibliographic records for electronic versions of an item matching and merging with the bibliographic records for a print or physical version in the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD).

The ANBD team loads records directly from Serials Solutions on behalf of Libraries Australia members who purchase the records from ProQuest. The ANBD team noted that many records for the electronic version of an item were being supplied with Library of Congress numbers for the print or physical version in the record. Your Libraries Australia CBS database employs the LC number as a primary match point.

While the obvious solution was to remove these incorrect LC numbers, this left us with a major problem. How do we then identify these records so that incoming Serials Solutions records would reliably match against themselves? The ANBD team devised and implemented a method using the Serials Solutions local system numbers as the match point. This new method required a global holdings refresh of all Serials Solutions records on the ANBD. The reload saw 77,845 bibliographic records and 550,753 holdings added back into the ANBD, ensuring that the regular loading of Serials Solutions records can now resume on an up to date record set.

The ANBD team conducts a range of activities to improve the data quality on the ANBD. Each of these enhances data re-use and exchange for members and the broader metadata network as data wends its way to Trove, WorldCat and beyond.

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Laurel Paton | Manager, Australian National Bibliographic Database | Libraries Australia | Resource Sharing Division | National Library of Australia | Canberra ACT 2600 Ph +61 (2) 6262 1326 |

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