Global holdings update service

Libraries Australia encourages all libraries to ensure their holdings are kept up to date on the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD).  This is vital for resource sharing and collection management, and ensures the efficiency of ILL services.

It is important that every Libraries Australia member who contributes data to the ANBD establishes a sustainable internal workflow by which they can regularly contribute their records and holdings to the national database. However, there are times when the holdings of member libraries become stale, fall significantly out of date, or require some special treatment resulting from major system changes. These events can cause libraries to receive far too many requests for items the Library no longer holds.

To assist with these exceptional circumstances, Libraries Australia provides a Global Holdings Update Service for the updating or deletion of holdings for libraries. This is an option of last resort as this service requires a concerted effort by the contributing library to output their entire database and the associated loading of records for the Libraries Australia database requires considerable management. The Global Holdings Refresh Wait List is available for viewing here.

The Global Holdings Update Service can be used in the following circumstances:

  • When you are weeding your collection
  • When your library amalgamates with another library or branch
  • When a number of items in your collection move to a different location (physical or shelf location)
  • When a common text string needs to be changed, e.g. a location prefix
  • When items in your collection have been transferred to another library
  • When a NUC symbol you are using is to be cancelled
  • When your library needs to get in sync with Libraries Australia. You can then provide regular ongoing updates MARC file uploads to the Record Import Service.

However, we discourage holdings changes that only change the NUC symbol. For further information please refer to the ILRS policy.

How do I use the Global Holdings Update Service?

  • Firstly, complete the Request a data refresh form to initiate a discussion and give us an idea of what you are hoping to achieve. This will help us to determine the scale and scope of the work and determine the best strategy to keep your library’s holdings fresh on the ANBD. We can then discuss the details and scheduling of the global changes you require.
  • If you are either updating or deleting some of your holdings, you need to send us a file of the affected records with their ANBD numbers. The ANBD numbers are used to identify records to be changed or deleted. If you do not have ANBD numbers, you may be able to use your local system numbers or ISBN numbers instead to identify the affected records that have been loaded to the ANBD. (However, ISBN numbers are not ideal, because the same ISBN can be applied to different works, or, more than one ISBN can be attached to a record, e.g. some multi volume works and sets will have different ISBNs in one record). Alternatively, you may be able to use a string of text that uniquely identifies all of the affected records.
  • If you are either updating or deleting all of your holdings for a particular NUC, the ANBD numbers are not required.
  • If your library is amalgamating with another library, you will need to tell us the NUC symbol(s) for both libraries.
  • If your NUC symbol is being cancelled, please let us know so that we can ensure all the holdings attached to this NUC are deleted.
  • Note that we can delete records at any time, but updates to records take longer and therefore have to be scheduled. The volume of holdings a library has on the ANBD as well as the number of global holding updates for members we have to process will affect the time it takes for us to action your updates.

The benefits of having your library's holdings up-to-date extend right across the network as greater accuracy and certainty in ILL for all Libraries Australia members. It is far better to maintain your library's holdings on the ANBD and establish a regular process by which to keep your library's holdings fresh than it is to take on a large-scale data management project that may take your library's holdings offline for the duration of the loading process which may adversely affect your document delivery activity.

See also our RIS Holdings Update Service.

Page updated 17 August 2016