Global holdings update service

Libraries Australia encourages all libraries to ensure their holdings are kept up to date on the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD). This is important for resource sharing and also ensures the efficiency of your Inter Library Lending services. To assist with this, Libraries Australia provides a free Global Holdings Update Service for the updating or deletion of holdings for your institution, in the following circumstances:

  • When you are weeding your collection
  • When your library amalgamates with another library or branch
  • When a number of items in your collection move to a different location (physical or shelf location)
  • When a common text string needs to be changed, e.g. a location prefix
  • When items in your collection have been transferred to another library
  • When a NUC symbol you are using is to be cancelled
  • When your library needs to get in sync with Libraries Australia. You can then provide regular ongoing updates via OAI-PMH or MARC file uploads to the Record Import Service.

However, we discourage holdings changes that only change the NUC symbol. For further information please refer to the ILRS policy.

How do I use Global Holdings Update?

  • If you are either updating or deleting some of your holdings, you need to send us a file of the affected records with their ANBD numbers. The ANBD numbers are used to identify records to be changed or deleted. If you do not have ANBD numbers, you may be able to use your local system numbers or ISBN numbers instead to identify the affected records that have been loaded to the ANBD. (However, ISBN numbers are not ideal, because the same ISBN can be applied to different works, or , more than one ISBN can be attached to a record, e.g. some multi volume works and sets will have different ISBNs in one record). Alternatively, you may be able to use a string of text that uniquely identifies all of the affected records.
  • If you are either updating or deleting all of your holdings for a particular NUC, the ANBD numbers are not required.
  • If your library is amalgamating with another library, you will need to tell us the NUC symbol(s) for both libraries.
  • If your NUC symbol is being cancelled, please let us know so that we can ensure all the holdings attached to this NUC are deleted.

When you are ready to proceed with the global holdings update, contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk to discuss the details and scheduling of the global change you require. Note that we can delete records at any time, but updates to records take longer and therefore have to be scheduled.

See also our RIS Holdings Update Service.