Web Cataloguing

Web Cataloguing uses a form, accessed via Libraries Australia Search, to catalogue directly onto the ANBD. You can:

Web Cataloguing does not allow you to:

  • input diacritics or special characters (i.e. it only supports the input of Latin 1 characters)
  • edit or delete bibliographic records
  • add, edit or delete authority records

For these tasks, you will need to use one of the other cataloguing methods.

Who should use Web Cataloguing?

The Web Cataloguing form is useful for libraries that catalogue infrequently or have staff with limited cataloguing experience(i.e. are unfamiliar with MARC). If you would like to see what the Web Cataloguing form looks like, login to our Search training database as Username/Password = TRAINING1/TRAINING1 (accept the security certificate) and click on the ‘Add Record’ tab. Please feel free to trial the form to see if it suits your workflows.

Start Web Cataloguing now

If you are a member of Libraries Australia and have a cataloguing login, you can start Web Cataloguing now. Just login to LA Search with your cataloguing login and click on the ‘Add Record’ tab. If you are a member but do not have a cataloguing login, you can either contact the Help Desk and we will set one up for you, or if you have someone with Customer Administrator access, they can create one. See Chapter 15 of the Search Manual for detailed information on how use the Web Cataloguing form (i.e.to add new bibliographic records and holdings; add, edit and delete holdings from existing records; and import records from other databases).