Document Delivery service

Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) is Australia's largest interlibrary loan and document delivery service, providing access to over 700 Libraries Australia libraries, the New Zealand TePuna interlibrary loan network and the international supplier Infotrieve.

Members can access LADD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging in from the top right-hand corner of any of these web pages.

Use Libraries Australia Document Delivery to:

  • search the ANBD, Te Puna and Infotrieve to locate items
  • manage the entire request and supply process
  • track activity using built-in reporting facilities
  • manage ILL related financial transactions via the LADD Payments Service
  • facilitate free interlibrary lending between reciprocal partners
  • interoperate with other standards-compliant interlibrary loan systems
  • order online from commercial suppliers.

In October 2015, Libraries Australia transitioned from a locally installed to a hosted environment for the VDX system for Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD). A summary of changes to the hosted services is available.


To join LADD, a library needs to:

  • be a member of Libraries Australia
  • have at least one staff member who has been trained to use LADD.

For a full list of LADD members see our LADD members & suspensions page. This page also displays the current suspension status of each LADD member and is dynamically updated every time the page is opened- so it is always up-to-date!

All LADD members are encouraged to subscribe to librariesaustraliadocdel-l - a moderated email discussion list for the purpose of disseminating information about LADD.  LADD users should subscribe to this list as Libraries Australia staff post important announcements to it. For example if there is a system upgrade, a scheduled outage or a problem with the system. Information on how to subscibe, post a message and view the archives is available on our discussion lists page.


Libraries pay an annual fee to subscribe to Libraries Australia and this includes full access to LADD.  For further details on Libraries Australia charges, see our fees & charges page.

Charges for the supply of copies and loans are managed by the LADD Payments Service and are not included in the subscription fee.  Please consult the ILRS Code, supported by ALIA, for recommended service and delivery charges.

Workflow options

Enhance your service and improve your workflows:

  • Use enhanced requesting to allow your users to submit ILL requests directly from LA Search.
  • Automatically receive an email every time a particular action is taken on a request with email alerts.
  • Use DocStore to attach, send, and receive electronic documents from within your LADD account - no need for separate emails.

ISO ILL Interoperability

LADD can operate with other ISO compliant ILL systems. This means that members can use LADD to request items from international Document Suppliers (e.g. Infotrieve), as well Australian libraries that use other ISO ILL systems (e.g. Relais or VDX).

Trans Tasman Interlending

Trans Tasman Interlending allows LADD members to seamlessly supply and request interlibrary loans to and from New Zealand's Te Puna Interloan members.


You can register and request from the commercial supplier Infotrieve.


Important and Useful Resources

Last updated 10/12/14