Known issues & workarounds in LADD

Issue: Dates - When manually entering a date, users are able to manually set a date in the past in the answer date fields when responding to requests. When the popup calendar is enabled users are only able to select a date in the future.

Workaround: Using the pop-up calendar is recommended to ensure that the correct date is always selected.


Issue: If a user selects the value ‘shipped’ from the action drop-down they are taken to the ‘ILL Request Action: Shipped’ screen, , which by-passes the ‘ILL Request Documents' screen where you can attach documents via the DocStore. If a user selects the Results hyperlink to begin this process again the Action drop-down values are not present.

Workaround: If the user wants to attach a document via DocStore, instead of selecting the ‘shipped’ value from the Action drop-down, the user should click on the ‘Add’ button. This takes the user directly to the 'ILL Request: Documents' screen for attaching documents.


Issue: It is now possible to change the Shipped Service Type of a request. For example, if the request was sent as a Copy but can only be supplied as a Loan, the Lender can change the service type at the time of actioning shipped, via a drop-down option “Change Shipped Service Type” listed in the Service Details area of the Shipped Screen. There is an option to also change the Delivery Method from, for example, Electronic Mail to Postal Delivery. If shipping a requested Loan as a Copy, the due date can also be removed. However, if shipping a requested Copy as a Loan there is no provision to add a due date.

Workaround: For a requested Copy that is to be shipped as a Loan, a due date can be added to the Public Notes field. Another option is for the Lending location is to action Answer Conditional advising that the request is able to be supplied in the other service type, and the Borrower should send a Cancel requests which can be answered in the affirmative by the Lending Library and a new request create with the correct service type displaying, if they wish to have the item supplied.


Issue: When creating a new copy non returnable request and selecting the Copyright Signed option of ‘Not Applicable’ once the request has been processed, this Copyright Signed option displays for the Borrowing location as ‘Signature Required’

Workaround: As the Copyright Signed field is only applicable for the Borrowing location and is not viewable by the Lending location, the Borrowing location is able to add a Private Note when creating a request with the Copyright Signed status of ‘Not Applicable’ to highlight that the correct status is ‘Not Applicable’ and not ‘Signature Required’ as the request displays.


Issue: When creating a new request and entering a New Zealand location manually to the rota, an error appears stating that the location is not found

Workaround: Instead of entering the Te Puna location via the format of ‘Naming Authority:NUC’, for example ‘NLNZ:PU’ enter instead the name of the location, for example ‘Massey University’. If you are unaware of the name of the location you can search for this via the Directory of New Zealand libraries

Known Issues and Work arounds for Requests from ISO Locations

A request cannot be found from an ISO location:
Occasionally requests from ISO locations can enter an error in process status. To find these requests, we recommend that you search for requests in the ILL Request Advanced Search screen with the Last Action of 'Error Report'.