Using DocStore in LADD

DocStore refers to the functionality to attach, send, and receive electronic documents in LADD.  As a Borrower (Requester), if a Lender (Responder) has supplied your request via the LADD DocStore function, you will be able to view the document from within your LADD account.

For DocStore to work, you must ensure that the DocStore field in the Delivery Details section of the request is a valid DocStore email address.  By default, the address is set to LADD’s DocStore email address This can be changed to your own DocStore address if you are running a similar system, or can be deleted if you do not want to use DocStore.

Receiving requests via DocStore

If your Request has been supplied via DocStore you should be able to see a file – Delivered link with Status: Received by Email or FTP from your Borrower (Requester) Results screen:

To view the document, click on the file –Delivered link in the screen above or, open up the request (i.e. click on Details), scroll down to Document Details and click on the file – Delivered link under Attached Documents:

The document will display in a popup window. (Tip: ensure that you have popups enabled in your browser.)

It is strongly recommended at this point, that you take any further action required to deliver the document to the end user.  Copyright conditions do not allow electronic documents to be saved.  We recommend the document be printed out immediately.

Clicking on Details next to file– Delivered will take you to the ILL Attachment Details screen where you can see the View Count (i.e. the number of times the document has been viewed). The viewing limit for DocStore files is 5 views or5 days after first viewing.  The document is deleted once the viewing limit is reached.

Click on  or  to return to the ILL Request screen.

You should now action the request as Received to complete the ILL cycle.  You can also click on  to delete the document once you no longer need it.

Supplying via DocStore

To supply a document via DocStore you must ensure the incoming request fulfils the DocStore delivery pre-requirements:

DocStore pre-requirements

  • Service Type 1 = Copy non returnable
  • Delivery Method = Electronic Mail
  • DocStore delivery address contains a valid DocStore address. (This should be unless the request is from an ISO ILL location. See section 5 of the LADD Manual for a list of known DocStore addresses)

Note: If the request does not meet the DocStore pre-requirements it cannot be fulfilled via DocStore.

To check that the request fulfils DocStore pre-requirements click on details of the request from your Lender (Responder) Results and check the following fields:

Have the document available in an electronic file format on a local or networked drive. Only files with the extensions jpeg, jpg, pdf, pps, ppt, tiff, tif, xls and xlw are accepted.

Note: when a tiff or tif file is attached, the system will automatically convert it to a pdf.

Attach the document to the request either by: clicking on add from the Lender(Responder) Results screen (takes you directly to the Document Details section of the request); or in the details view of a request scroll down to the Document Details section:

Click on  and navigate to the file, then click on  . You will be taken to the ILL Attachment Details screen:

Specify your Doc Disposal Conditions but do not make changes to any other fields.

Click on details to go back to the ILL Request screen.  Under Attached Documents you should see the document as a link with transmission status: To Be Transmitted:

Repeat this process to attach more documents.

Finally, ship the request by selecting Shipped from the Actions available and clicking on Action.  Then in the Action: Shipped view of the request check that the shipping details are correct and then action Ship.

If your action has been successful you will get the Action Successful message:

Should you go back to the ILL Details of the request after a brief time, you will be able tosee the file’s transmission status as Transmission OK and the status of the request in the History (audit trail) as Shipped: