LADD Payments Service

The Libraries Australia Document Delivery Payments Service (LADDPS) manages the financial transactions between the supplying and requesting library by

  • crediting the supplying library for the amount of the charge imposed by the supplying library
  • debiting the requesting library for the amount of the charge imposed by the supplying library
  • emailing you a report of all transactions between your library and other members of the payments scheme during the billing period
  • forwarding at bi-monthly intervals an invoice for the total debits and an EFT payment for the total credits accumulated during the billing period
  • making a single payment to your library for all items supplied
  • issuing your library with a single invoice for all items requested
  • emailing you a detailed transaction report for all items supplied and requested during the bi-monthly billing period

Reports also include:

  • reconciliation to your tax invoice and payment
  • a list of all reciprocal arrangements your library has within LADD, as the supplying and requesting library


  • saves you time and money
  • central settlements of your interlibrary loans payments and charges
  • over 700 partner members
  • simple administration - receive a single cheque and invoices bi-monthly
  • fully automatic and secure
  • easy to join
  • easy to use
  • flexible - libraries can set their own charges or take advantage of Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing Code fees
  • bi-monthly activity reports of your interlibrary loans and document delivery requests and items supplied

More information is available on Document Delivery and searching charges. If you are not currently receiving LADDPS reports and would like to, please contact Libraries Australia Administration via with the following details:

Organisation name: Contact name and phone no:

Email address: (multiple addresses can be submitted)

Examples of Transaction Reports

Example LADD Transaction Report

More information is available on the ILRS code and service level charges.

Payment Service Reports