Requesting from Te Puna Interloan members via LADD

From March 1 2006, Libraries Australia Document Delivery and Te Puna Interloan members will be able to seamlessly request and supply interlibrary loans to each other.  This makes an additional 300 libraries available to Libraries Australia Document Delivery members, and brings the total number of libraries involved in ILL between the two countries to 900.

Payments for requests made to and from Te Puna Interloan members by Libraries Australia Document Delivery members are managed by the Libraries Australia Payments Service.

We encourage Libraries Australia Document Delivery and Te Puna Interlending partners to subscribe to the librariesaustraliadocdel-l discussion list for news and updates. The list is used to disseminate document delivery information to libraries such as suspensions, ARIEL updates, new locations, and other matters affecting the service.

A complete list of Te Puna Interloan libraries is available at:

Click on Librarian Search and then select Te Puna members. Performing a ' * ' wildcard search will show the list of Te Puna members and their details.