Recent Australian Publications (RAP)

  • Recent Australian Publications (RAP) is a free monthly set of files listing Australia‚Äôs recent publishing output. The records in these files are derived from the ANBD and contain works that have been published in Australia, written by Australians, or contain Australian material. All material has been published during the current or previous two years.

There are 4 file formats to choose from:

  • Alphabetically sorted, text format
  • Dewey classified, text format
  • Alphabetically sorted, html format
  • Dewey classified, html format

The alphabetical file is a complete list of new records added to the ANBD in the nominated month while the Dewey classified file is a subset of those records that contain Dewey numbers. Files are kept for the last 6 months only.

Re-use of these records by re-publication is not permitted. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.

Alphabetically sorted, text format

Dewey classified, text format


Dewey classified, HTML format

Alphabetically sorted, HTML format

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