The ILRS Directory

While your coffee or tea is brewing, spend 5 minutes to learn about or refresh your knowledge of the ILRS Directory.

The ILRS Directory is a directory of Australian interlibrary loan and document delivery services and National Union Catalogue (NUC) symbols where the name, address and contact details for libraries’ document delivery services can be obtained, along with their supply policy, special conditions, charging policy and service levels.

Over more than four decades, particularly since it became available online in 1996, the ILRS Directory has been an effective tool used by most Australian libraries participating in national resource sharing. It has also been used by many overseas libraries.  In order to maintain its relevance and effectiveness, all Libraries Australia members, especially Libraries Australian Document Delivery (LADD) members, are encouraged to keep their ILRS directory entry up-to-date by

  • ensuring contact details and delivery address are correct
  • publishing your resource sharing policy
  • listing all charges; and
  • listing the service levels supported

It takes two simple steps to update your entry:

  1. Go to the ILRS Directory page and use “Search” to find your library entry
  2. Select “Edit this record” button to update the entry

If you are having a problem accessing the ILRS Directory or cannot remember your password, please contact the ILRS Directory Administration at:

Check and if necessary update your ILRS Directory entry now – a contribution you can make to the national resource sharing, and all libraries will benefit.

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