The new standard for minimum record on Libraries Australia

As outlined in October last year, the Libraries Australia Minimum Record Standard is being replaced with a new standard.

The new standard was presented at the 2012 Libraries Australia Forum and Libraries Australia undertook extensive consultation with the Australian library community.  We wish to thank those libraries who conferred with us about this standard.

The new standard has a new name Required Data Elements and a new URL:

Please note the new link to the Required Data Elements and update your bookmarks as required.

The changes to the Required Data Elements comprise new fields added so that core RDA elements can be included in records.

In addition to the RDA changes we have also added a small number of additional codes and fields. These additional codes and fields will facilitate improved matching and merging. This will result in fewer duplicates.

Except for specific RDA data, most records sent to the ANBD already meet the new standard.

The new standard, Required Data Elements, is being introduced at the same time as the change to Resource Description and Access (RDA). From that time we will not be describing the minimum record in terms of the Anglo American Cataloging Rules 2nd edition (AACR2).

For Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client users

Please note, at this point it is not possible to add the MARC 264 field via the Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client. However this will be for a short period only and we will notify Libraries Australia users when the field is made available.



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